Waverly Vending Machines that Exceed Expectations

Office coffee services and snack vending machines in Waverly

If you’re ready to revitalize your Waverly breakroom, vending machines are a great choice. Our modern snack, beverage, and food vending machines offer a wide variety of refreshments. With our reliable Waverly vending machines, your staff will always have access to quality refreshments. At American Food & Vending, we make it possible to customize your product menu. For instance, you can easily add healthy options to your vending machines or prioritize your team’s favorite drinks and snacks. Multiple payment methods are accepted including mobile wallets and credit cards. Plus, our Waverly vending services include remote monitoring so that restocking your inventory is automatic.

Vending machines and office coffee solutions in Waverly

Superior Waverly Office Coffee Services and Water Filtration Systems

Office coffee services and healthy vending options in Waverly

Sipping a latte is a pleasure you can offer your Waverly staff every day with a quality office coffee service. With our Waverly coffee and tea service, you can add modern coffee equipment such as our single-cup service that your staff can use to make their favorite drinks. We also keep you stocked up with all of the supplies you need including stir sticks, sugar, creamer, and more. While you’re improving your breakroom, also add our Waverly water filtration service. From our plumbed-in water systems to countertop and free-standing systems, there’s a great fit for your office.

Unparalleled Waverly Micro-Markets

Micro-markets and beverage vending machines in Waverly

Turning your breakroom into an on site store with our Waverly micro-market service. Micro-markets are open markets that provide a wide range of refreshments. Furnished with glass-front coolers, shelves, and a self-serve kiosk, micro-markets make it convenient for staff to pick up lunch or snacks without leaving the building. Elevate your Waverly breakroom with a micro-market your staff will love. When shopping at our micro-markets, your staff can even earn rewards using our mobile app. Your Waverly employees will enjoy the convenience of shopping within the building.

Micro-markets and beverage vending machines in Waverly

Our Waverly Office Pantry Service Improves Morale

Office pantry service and water filtration solutions in Waverly

Discover the ultimate breakroom solution in our Waverly office panty service. Giving your employees access to free snacks and beverages can help boost their productivity. Plus, an office pantry can help attract new talent while increasing office morale in general. At American Food & Vending, we’ll customize our office pantry service to your Waverly breakroom space. We’ll bring shelving, coolers, and more to develop the office pantry you need. Plus, we can tailor your product selection to meet your Waverly employees’ needs.

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