The Hospitality Difference

Creating a true hospitality experience starts with hiring, training and retaining the right staff.



Staff Empowerment

To provide an exceptional hospitality experience and to retain the best employees, we must empower our staff to take pride and ownership over our program. They must become change agents for the best possible service and experience. We have a simple process to achieve this and it is directly related to our culinary philosophy.

The Fresh Difference emphasizes a traditional cooking method focused on fresh, local ingredients and menus made from scratch. This philosophy allows the culinary talent that we recruit to actually do what they were trained to do. Chefs, cooks, and service employees were not trained to open boxes or reheat frozen food. They want to get their hands in the mix, to produce and serve something they can be proud of and when employees take pride in their work, it influences everything. They feel like they are part of a team that is building something special. That attitude quickly spreads from the staff to our guests, making the hospitality service appear effortless.

Training & Efficiency

Providing our employees with on-going training and certification on food service best practices allowing us to offer you a better hospitality experience and run a more efficient operations.


Labor productivity is not something that just happens. To optimize the hospitality experience, we must manage carefully with efficient scheduling and utilization of part-time work and flex schedules.


Finally, encouraging the best staff to stay means providing rewards and incentives for a job well done. Our managers are empowered to offer employee bonuses to reward great performance. These bonuses can be given at any time and as often as deemed necessary (within reason). This helps us boost labor efficiency by reducing turnover and increasing staff morale.