Give Your Breakroom a Refresh with Modern St. Louis Vending Services

Vending machines and office coffee solutions in St. Louis

The vending machines of today are modern and efficient. You can truly upgrade your St. Louis breakroom with our state-of-the-art vending machines that feature snacks, refreshing beverages, and fresh food. With American Food & Vending, you can even customize your product selection to include healthy options and your team’s favorite snacks. With our St. Louis vending services, your employees can pay with a credit card or mobile wallet. We also use remote monitoring to track your inventory and restock when you need more refreshments. Plus, there’s a bonus! Our St. Louis vending machines are energy efficient, helping you meet your green goals.

Vending machines and office coffee solutions in St. Louis

Boost Morale with our St. Louis Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services

Office coffee services and healthy vending options in St. Louis

There’s nothing like the aroma of fresh coffee brewing before a morning meeting. Make quality coffee a regular treat for your team with our St. Louis office coffee service. We provide the coffee equipment that best meets your needs. Opt for a traditional coffee brewer or choose a single-cup brewer that allows each employee to make their favorite beverage. Imagine, with a coffee bar in your St. Louis breakroom, your staff can grab a hot chocolate, latte, or even a hot tea at any point in the workday. Improve the taste of your coffee and tea with our St. Louis water filtration services. Choose from a floor-standing or countertop unit, or opt for a unit that can serve up flavored and sparkling water.

Our St. Louis Micro-Market Service is the Ideal Breakroom Solution for Your Business

Micro-markets and vending services in St. Louis

Offering a wide range of snacks, healthy options, fresh food, meals, beverages, and even ice cream, a micro-market is like a mini store in your St. Louis breakroom. Your employees can pick out what they’d like from the open shelves and glass-front coolers before checking out at the self-serve kiosk. Our St. Louis micro-market service makes it possible for employees to pay with a credit card, mobile wallet, or cash. When you need refreshments, don’t worry! We keep track of inventory using remote monitoring to restock before you run out of your favorite snacks. Plus, we use mobile apps that offer your St. Louis staff rewards and points for their purchases. The convenience of being able to grab a snack or meal at your micro-market is unmatched.

Micro-markets and vending services in St. Louis

Transform Your St. Louis Breakroom with an
Office Pantry

Office pantry service and water filtration solutions in St. Louis

Providing complimentary refreshments to your St. Louis employees is an amazing employee benefit. You can make it happen with our St. Louis office pantry service. We completely tailor your service to meet your needs. Offer healthy snacks like fresh fruit and whole wheat items, or include candy as a special treat. You can also add a coffee and hot beverage bar to your office pantry. We can’t wait to help you transform your St. Louis breakroom.

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