Micro Market

Help yourself to freshness, selection and convenience with REFRESH express

REFRESHexpress is a self-service retail market that is stocked daily with a virtually limitless selection of foods and beverages, including gourmet salads, entrées, wraps, sandwiches, fresh fruit, hot and cold drinks, snack products and more. A healthier, more convenient alternative to vending machines, REFRESHexpress brings an entirely new level of freshness and variety to typical workplace dining.




New Innovation:  RFX NANO MARKET

Scan, Pay & Go!

Our innovative RFXnano market offers the ultimate in payment flexibility, design customization and convenience. Associates can select from a wide array of popular products and simply use their phone to scan, pay and go.  RFXnano markets are the perfect small space solution!

Fresh Rewards

Our exclusive FRESHrewards app is the most innovative mobile payment and rewards app on the market. With FRESHrewards, employees will be able to load funds and manage their accounts easily. After it is set up, just scan, pay and earn outstanding rewards.

  • Earn Free Products
  • Manage Your Account
  • Review Purchase History
  • Auto Reload for Convenience
  • Mobile Payment

Advantages of REFRESHexpress

24/7 Access

With REFRESHexpress, your associates will have 24/7 access to an unlimited range of products, including an unbelievable array of gourmet culinary options.

100% Proprietary and Customizable

We built REFRESHexpress from the ground-up to provide each of our clients with a customized refreshment solution individually tailored to meet their needs by exceeding their expectations.

In-House IT Specialists

With American Food & Vending, you will be in good hands. We use the most reliable technology in the industry and we also employ our own team of in-house IT specialists.

Custom Design

REFRESH express is not a one-size-fits-all solution.  We work with our clients to customize the look and feel of your REFRESHexpress markets.

Enhanced Culinary Quality

The talent of our REFRESHexpress culinary team is unmatched. Under their leadership, we will create a fresh culinary program that achieves both quality and value that is simply unrivaled in the industry. With a focus on health and wellness, our menu will never fail to amaze your associates.

Advanced Payment Technology

Our award-winning self-payment kiosk system will be the centerpiece of our micro market.  Offering form and function our self-payment kiosk is the kiosk on the market capable of accepting:

    • Credit/Debit cards
    • Cash
    • Reloadable value cards
    • Apple Pay
    • Android Pay
    • Google Pay
    • FRESHrewards Mobile Pay
    • Customized employee ID cards
    • Payroll deduction

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