Enjoy Cutting-Edge Technology with Plainfield
Vending Services

beverage vending machines and water filtration service in Plainfield

When your employees are hungry, they can pick up a snack, lunch, or a refreshing beverage from our modern Plainfield vending machines. Using up-to-date technology, our vending machines are mobile-payment-enabled. Your Plainfield employees can even purchase products from 6 feet away using our mobile app. Tailor the vending machines to include just the right combination of fresh foods, snacks, treats, and cold beverages. With our vending services, your Plainfield breakroom will always be fully stocked and ready to use.

beverage vending machines and water filtration service in Plainfield

Plainfield Office Coffee Services and Water Filtration Systems with the Highest Standards

office coffee service and food vending machines in Plainfield

Sipping on a quality cup of coffee is one of life’s simple pleasures that you can bring to your Plainfield workplace. With our Plainfield office coffee service, offer your staff their favorite hot beverages. From gourmet coffees and teas to hot chocolates and lattes, create an amazing coffee bar. We offer various coffee equipment options, such as single-cup coffee service, bean-to-cup machines, and traditional office coffee brewers. Our office coffee service also includes all of the supplies, such as stir sticks, creamer, sugar, napkins, and more. Adding a Plainfield water filtration service to your breakroom can improve the taste of coffee and tea. Plus, a water filtration system serves up tasty water free of impurities which is great for keeping your team hydrated and refreshed.

A Plainfield Micro-Market Can Personalize
Your Breakroom

micro markets and healthy vending machines in Plainfield

Upgrade your Plainfield breakroom with a personalized convenience store featuring your employees’ favorite snacks, foods, and beverages. With a Plainfield micro-market, you can customize your product selection to include healthy items, favorite snacks, fresh foods, and tasty meals. We can fill the coolers with salads, fruit, yogurts, and beverages. Additionally, we will stock the shelves with trail mix, chips, candy, and specialty items. Your Plainfield employees can easily find lunch or a healthy snack to power them through the workday. Payments are easy using our mobile app or self-serve kiosk. Plus, we take care of restocking and maintenance regularly thanks to remote monitoring that allows us to keep an eye on the micro-market.

micro markets and healthy vending machines in Plainfield

Plainfield Office Pantry Services that
Exceed Expectations

office pantry service and snack vending machines in Plainfield

An office pantry is an outstanding employee perk that can boost morale in your Plainfield workplace. Our Plainfield pantry service makes it easy to provide complimentary refreshments to your staff. We’ll tailor your office pantry to meet your employees’ needs and preferences while also working within your budget. With an office pantry, we’ll help you build a space where employees can relax, collaborate, and find great grab-and-go snacks. This employee benefit is also a great way to help your Plainfield workplace stand out to new talent.

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