Bring Modern Vending Services to Your O’Fallon, Missouri Breakroom

Vending machines and office coffee solutions in O’Fallon, Missouri

Between meetings and deadlines, finding the time to purchase a snack to get through the day can be challenging for your employees. With our modern O’Fallon Missouri vending machines, your staff can find a wide range of snacks, beverages, and healthy options right in the breakroom. In addition to snack vending and beverage vending machines, we also offer fresh food! Our food vending machines feature delicious options such as sandwiches, wraps, and salads. With payment flexibility options for mobile and credit card transactions, our O’Fallon Missouri vending machines make it easy for your team to pay. Modern technology allows us to keep track of inventory remotely so you never run out of refreshments. Plus, we use up-to-date delivery systems to ensure every purchase is fulfilled or refunded. Upgrade your O’Fallon, Missouri, breakroom today!

Office coffee services and beverage vending machines in O’Fallon, Missouri

Energize Your Team with Our O’Fallon, Missouri Office Coffee Service and Water Filtration

Office coffee services and healthy vending options in O’Fallon, Missouri

Transform your O’Fallon breakroom with an upgraded office coffee service. With our modern coffee equipment, your employees can whip up a latte or cappuccino in no time. Choose from our traditional office coffee brewers, bean-to-cup solutions, or install single-cup coffee brewers for a personalized touch. Our O’Fallon office coffee service supplies you with everything to complete your coffee station, including sugar, creamer, stirrers, and more. Every quality cup of coffee starts with filtered water. So, also add our O’Fallon water filtration services. Your staff will stay hydrated with our models featuring sparkling and flavored water.

O’Fallon, Missouri Micro-Markets that Match Your
Staff’s Tastes

Micro-markets and vending services in O’Fallon, Missouri

American Food & Vending’s O’Fallon, Missouri micro-market service brings a wide selection of products to your breakroom. From healthy snacks to fresh food and beverages, we can customize your product selection to match your team’s preferences. After perusing the coolers and shelves, your O’Fallon, Missouri employees can easily check out using the self-serve kiosk or our mobile app. Our micro-market service also includes an app through which customers can collect points and rewards. We make it easy to restock your micro-market with remote monitoring that allows us to track inventory from afar. A micro-market is a great way to improve your O’Fallon, Missouri breakroom.

Micro-markets and food vending machines in O’Fallon, Missouri

Improve Workplace Culture with Our O’Fallon, Missouri, Office Pantry Service

Office pantry service and water filtration solutions in O’Fallon, Missouri

Complementary refreshments are an amazing employee benefit that can help create a positive workplace culture. With an office pantry, your O’Fallon, Missouri breakroom can become a great space for employees to grab a coffee or snack that keeps them fueled as they work. Plus, our O’Fallon, Missouri office pantry service makes it easy to offer your staff healthy options such as fresh fruit. An office pantry also creates a space for building relationships between coworkers. Your O’Fallon, Missouri employees are sure to appreciate this amazing
employee perk.

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