O’Fallon, IL Vending Services Provide a Diverse Range
of Refreshments

vending service and water service in O’Fallon, IL

Unlike vending machines of the past, our O’Fallon, IL vending services offer a wide range of snacks, healthy items, beverages, and even fresh foods. Employees can pick up a hot meal or a salad from one of our O’Fallon, IL food vending machines. Our vending machines can be tailored to include products that match your employees’ needs and preferences. Don’t worry about digging in your pockets for change, as all of our vending machines are mobile payment-enabled and also accept credit cards. Alternatively, use our mobile app and buy your products from up to six feet away. Bring a wide range of quality refreshments to your O’Fallon, IL breakroom with our vending services.

vending service and water service in O’Fallon, IL

O’Fallon, IL Office Coffee Services and Water Filtration Systems to Fuel Your Team

office coffee solutions and beverage vending machines in O’Fallon, IL

Brew gourmet coffees and teas right in your O’Fallon, IL breakroom with our office coffee service. With a single-cup coffee service, your employees can make a personalized drink such as a latte or a decaffeinated cappuccino. Or, try the freshest cup of coffee you’ve ever had with a bean-to-cup machine. Our traditional coffee brewers are perfect for serving coffee at events and meetings. Providing everything you need, our O’Fallon, IL office coffee service also includes extras like stir sticks, napkins, creamer, and sugar. Put the finishing touch on your coffee bar with our O’Fallon, IL water filtration service. A water filtration system can improve the taste of tea and coffee while also providing fresh and still water for employees to enjoy all day.

An O’Fallon, IL Micro-Market Customized to Meet
Your Needs

micro markets and food vending machines in O’Fallon, IL

Creating a micro-market in your O’Fallon, IL breakroom can make your team’s life easier. Instead of driving offsite, they can find tasty meals, healthy snacks, and refreshing beverages in your O’Fallon, IL micro-market. Check-out is easy at the self-serve kiosk, which accepts credit cards, mobile wallets, or cash. We monitor your micro-market from afar so that we can restock refreshments before you run out and also take care of any maintenance. Your O’Fallon, IL employees will love having an attractive convenience store onsite. Start designing your micro-market today.

micro markets and food vending machines in O’Fallon, IL

An O’Fallon, IL Office Pantry Service is the Ultimate Workplace Perk

office pantry service and healthy vending machines in O’Fallon, IL

When your O’Fallon, IL employees are feeling hungry, it’s hard for them to be productive and get work done. Keep your team energized with an O’Fallon, IL office pantry that provides them with easy access to free refreshments. Offer tasty treats and healthy snacks like whole fruits, protein bars, granola, and refreshing beverages. These grab-and-go snacks can help your staff power through the workday. Plus, an office pantry can boost morale and help your O’Fallon, IL workplace stand out to new talent.

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