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Vending machines and water filtration solutions in North Kansas City

When your North Kansas City employees need a quick snack, beverage, or even a healthy lunch, you can count on our modern vending machines. We offer a range of snack vending, beverage vending, and food vending machines so that your visitors and employees can stay energized and satisfied throughout the day. We can even customize your selection of products to prioritize healthy options or your staff’s favorite products. Our North Kansas City vending services provide a seamless experience. With remote technology, we monitor your products so that we can restock them promptly. Plus, we use technology that ensures every purchase is fulfilled or reimbursed. Add vending machines to your North Kansas City breakroom today!

Vending machines and water filtration solutions in North Kansas City

North Kansas City Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services that Your Team Loves

Office coffee services and healthy vending options in North Kansas City

Treat your staff to their favorite hot beverage every day with our North Kansas City office coffee service. We’ll help you create a coffee bar that your whole team will love. Featuring modern coffee equipment such as single-cup coffee, bean-to-cup, or traditional office coffee brewers, your staff can enjoy a latte or plain black coffee in the breakroom. We’ll provide everything you need for your North Kansas City breakroom, including stirrers, napkins, creamer, sugar, and more. Go above and beyond by adding our North Kansas City water filtration service. Fresh, filtered water is the first ingredient for a great cup of coffee. Plus, some of our water filtration systems even offer sparkling and flavored water.

North Kansas City Micro-Markets that Elevate
Your Breakroom

Micro-markets and vending services in North Kansas City

Save your North Kansas City staff time, energy, and money by installing a micro-market in your breakroom. This breakroom solution offers a wide variety of refreshments and meals in glass-front coolers and open shelves so that your team doesn’t have to leave the office to find snacks or lunch. The open market allows your staff to peruse items before checking out at a self-serve kiosk. Your North Kansas City breakroom will become a favorite place to grab lunch or a healthy snack. Our North Kansas City micro-market service includes remote monitoring so that we can restock your refreshments so that you never
run out.

Micro-markets and vending services in North Kansas City

Add an Office Pantry Service to Your North Kansas
City Breakroom

Office pantry service and office coffee solutions in North Kansas City

Keeping your staff satisfied and hydrated is easy when you add an office pantry to your North Kansas City breakroom. With American Food & Vending, your North Kansas City office pantry service will be easy to customize and coordinate. We can help with design in addition to stocking your pantry with a great selection of free treats, beverages, and healthy snacks. Your North Kansas City employees will appreciate the new breakroom feature.

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