Bring Your Favorite Refreshments to Your Breakroom with Lafayette, IN Vending Services

vending machines and office coffee in Lafayette, IN

With our modern vending services, you can offer your Lafayette, IN employees their favorite refreshments. Upgrade your Lafayette, IN breakroom to include beverage, snack, and food vending machines filled with a wide range of healthy options and tasty treats. Like a miniature restaurant, our food vending machines serve up hot meals, fresh salads, and appetizing sandwiches. Using cutting-edge technology, our Lafayette, IN vending machines monitor your supplies remotely so that restocking is automatic. Additionally, we accept multiple payment methods, including credit cards, mobile wallets, and cash. Your employees can even use our mobile app that enables customers to buy snacks, beverages, and meals from
6 feet away.

vending machines and office coffee in Lafayette, IN

Lafayette, IN Office Coffee Services and Water Filtration Systems that Accommodate Your Unique Needs

water filtration and healthy vending machines in Lafayette, IN

With a great Lafayette, IN office coffee service in your breakroom, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee will often waft through your office. We offer a variety of modern coffee equipment that will allow your staff to make cappuccinos and lattes or brew gourmet coffees and teas. A single-cup service is perfect for serving personalized drinks, while a traditional coffee brewer is ideal for serving a crowd. Additionally, your Lafayette, IN will always be fully stocked with everything you need, such as creamer, sugar, stir sticks, and more. Go the extra mile by also installing a Lafayette, IN water filtration service. Keep your staff refreshed and hydrated with pure drinking water they can enjoy still or sparkling.

A Lafayette, IN Micro-Market Your Way

micro markets and snack vending machines in Lafayette, IN

Create the breakroom of your dreams with a customized Lafayette, IN micro-market. Tailored to your space and to include your preferred products, your micro-market will meet your unique needs. Prioritize healthy products like salads, fruit, wraps, and trail mix, or include sweet and savory treats. Your Lafayette, IN employees will enjoy perusing the shelves and coolers freely before making their selections. Check-out is easy at the self-serve kiosk, which accepts mobile apps and credit cards. Or, customers can use our mobile app! Creating a micro-market in your Lafayette, IN breakroom can make it easier for staff to find snacks and meals onsite, boosting morale
and productivity.

micro markets and snack vending machines in Lafayette, IN

A Lafayette, IN Office Pantry Service is an Amazing Workplace Perk

office pantry service and vending service in Lafayette, IN

Provide your hardworking employees with free snacks and beverages with a Lafayette, IN office pantry service. We’ll work within your space and budget to create an employee benefit that exceeds expectations. Include your staff’s favorite items, such as chips, fresh fruit, cereals, granola bars, and popular beverages. Your staff will love being able to stop in your Lafayette, IN breakroom to find energizing snacks and beverages that help them power through the workday. A great office pantry can also help show new talent what an outstanding employer your Lafayette, IN business is! Get in touch to plan your new office pantry service today.

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