Bring More Grab-and-Go Snack Options with Herculaneum
Vending Machines

beverage vending machines and office coffee solutions in Herculaneum

When you add our Herculaneum vending machines to your breakroom, your employees can easily find a grab-and-go snack to enjoy between meetings and deadlines. Our modern vending services go beyond the average snack vending and beverage vending machines. We also offer fresh food and healthy vending options. Your employees can even find a full lunch with our Herculaneum vending services. We provide custom vending services, meaning we can work with you to create a custom product mix for your favorite items. Plus, we use remote monitoring to track sales, refill sales, and bring more of what you love. Our Herculaneum vending machines use the latest vending technology. That means you don’t have to carry cash! Customers can buy products through credit, debit, or a
mobile wallet.

beverage vending machines and office coffee solutions in Herculaneum

Herculaneum Office Coffee Services and Water Filtration Systems that Improve Your Team’s Mood

water service and food vending machines in Herculaneum

Perk up your team with our Herculaneum office coffee service. With our modern office coffee equipment, you can sip a cappuccino during a mid-morning meeting. Or, have a latte to push through the after-lunch slump. We’ll help you create an attractive Herculaneum office coffee bar. Our bean-to-cup machines make delicious coffee from freshly ground beans. Employees can personalize their cup of coffee using our single-cup machines. Or, make coffee by the pot with our traditional coffee brewers. Improve your breakroom further with our Herculaneum water filtration service. Filtered water can enhance the taste of tea and coffee. Plus, our water filtration systems encourage good hydration habits.

Offer Employees Fresh Food, Snacks, and Beverages with Our Herculaneum
Micro Markets

micro markets and healthy vending machines in Herculaneum

Eliminate the need for trips offsite by adding a Herculaneum Micro Market to your breakroom. Employees can save time and truly enjoy their breaks when they can find quality fresh food, snacks, and beverages in the breakroom. That boosts productivity! We customize our Herculaneum Micro Market service to your space, needs, and preferences. We’ll ensure your Herculaneum Micro Market is perfect, from the menu to the design. Include healthy options like salads and fresh fruit or your employees’ favorite snacks, candy, and drinks. Our Herculaneum Micro Market service runs smoothly. We care for your restocking, servicing, and maintenance needs so that your Micro Market is always ready to use. After shopping, customers can pay at the self-serve kiosk using the payment method of
their choice.

micro markets and healthy vending machines in Herculaneum

Fuel Your Team with a Herculaneum Office
Pantry Service

office pantry service and healthy vending service in Herculaneum

Ensure your team is always ready to perform their best with a Herculaneum office pantry service. An office pantry service offers free snacks and beverages to your employees. You set the menu and budget and help choose the design; we care for the rest. We ensure your Herculaneum office pantry is always stocked and ready to use. This employee perk can boost morale while also helping to attract new talent to your
Herculaneum company.

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