Greenfield Vending Machines Stocked
with Your Favorite Refreshments

vending machine solutions and office coffee machines in Greenfield

Break time is better with a healthy snack, beverage, or fresh food. Employees can find their favorite refreshments in our Greenfield vending machines. We customize your product selection to include your favorite items. Our Greenfield vending service can include healthy options, sandwiches, salads, popular national brands, refreshing drinks, and more. This Greenfield breakroom solution features modern technology, allowing us to track your inventory from afar. That way, we can restock your vending supplies promptly and even bring new products that are similar to the most popular snacks and foods. Customers can pay with credit cards, debit cards, or mobile wallets. This classic refreshment solution offers your employees their favorite snacks, beverages, and foods within steps of their desks. Get in touch to bring vending machines to your breakroom!

vending machine solutions and office coffee machines in Greenfield

Create A Distinctive Coffee Station with Greenfield Office Coffee Services and Water Filtration Systems

water service and snack vending machines in Greenfield

Energize your hardworking employees with a distinctive Greenfield coffee station. At American Food & Vending, we offer a superior Greenfield office coffee service. We use modern coffee equipment that serves specialty coffees. For example, our bean-to-cup brewers and single-cup machines serve cappuccinos, lattes, and more. Each employee can make their preferred cup of coffee. Or, serve coffee at meetings with our traditional coffee brewers. We create a café-like experience with premium brand coffees and favorite national brands. Plus, we stock your coffee station with all the essentials, such as stir sticks, creamer, sugar, and more. Enhance the taste of tea and coffee with our Greenfield water filtration systems. We offer countertop, freestanding, and plumbed-in options. All our water coolers serve unlimited fresh water free
of impurities.

A Greenfield Micro Market Meets Your Specific Needs

micro markets and healthy vending service in Greenfield

Meet the needs of every employee in your workplace with our Greenfield Micro Market service. Employees each have their own snack, meal, and beverage preferences. With a Micro Market, everyone can get exactly what they want. A Greenfield Micro Market offers hundreds of products, including fresh sandwiches, salads, fruit, healthy options, candy, salty snacks, and refreshing drinks. This Greenfield breakroom solution is completely automated. Employees can pick out their selections before checking out at the self-serve kiosk. We use security cameras to ensure a safe shopping experience. Plus, we manage inventory using remote monitoring equipment. We stock your Micro Market regularly so that it’s always ready for your team to enjoy.

micro markets and healthy vending service in Greenfield

A World-Class Greenfield Office Pantry Service

office pantry service and healthy vending machines in Greenfield

Take your breakroom to the next level with a Greenfield office pantry service. This employee benefit offers employees free snacks and beverages. Employees who need an energy boost can find healthy selections and tasty treats in the breakroom. Our Greenfield office pantry service takes care of the details so that you can focus on everything else. Together, we’ll create the ideal menu and budget. Then, we’ll set up your Greenfield office pantry, stock it, and create a servicing schedule that reflects your needs. An office pantry is a next-level breakroom service that boosts morale and helps attract new talent.

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