Garland Vending Machines Are a Convenient
Breakroom Solution

beverage vending machines and water service in Garland

Garland vending machines offer a convenient breakroom solution around the clock. Always available and fully automated, our Garland vending services can also be tailored to match your needs. Bring food, beverage, and snack vending machines to your breakroom to offer a full range of refreshment options. We can create a custom product mix including your employees’ favorite snacks, preferred local products, and even specialty items. Customers can purchase using credit cards, mobile wallets, or our mobile app. Our Garland vending service uses modern technology to track inventory and ensure your breakroom never runs out
of refreshments.

beverage vending machines and water service in Garland

Garland Office Coffee Services and Water Filtration Systems That Help Employees Feel
Their Best

food vending machines and office coffee solutions in Garland

Many Garland employees love to start their day with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Help your employees start each day in a great mood with our Garland office coffee service. From modern single-cup coffee brewers that make delicious lattes to bean-to-cup machines that grind beans on the spot, we can bring modern coffee equipment to your Garland breakroom. Additionally, we offer traditional office coffee brewers, which are perfect for serving a crowd. Our Garland water filtration service is another employee perk that is often underestimated. When your employees are thirsty, there’s nothing like fresh water free of impurities. We offer countertop, standing, and plumbed-in water filtration systems.

Garland Micro
Markets Create
Enjoyable Breakrooms

micro markets and healthy vending machines in Garland

A Garland Micro Market can enhance your breakroom, creating a positive employee experience. Offering hundreds of products within steps of their desks, a Micro Market can be customized to include healthy options, favorite specialty items, and national brands. Employees can find lunch items like sandwiches, wraps, and salads in the glass-front coolers. Or, they can pick up tasty snacks from the open shelves. Our Garland Micro Markets are completely automated, so employees can purchase from the self-serve kiosk whenever they want. Payment methods include credit cards, mobile wallets, and cash. Additionally, we ensure your Micro Market runs smoothly with a personalized restocking schedule and regular maintenance. Bring this amazing Garland breakroom service to your workplace!

micro markets and healthy vending machines in Garland

Show Gratitude to Your Staff with a Garland Office Pantry Service

office pantry service and healthy vending service in Garland

When your staff feel appreciated, they are more loyal to your Garland company. A Garland office pantry is one easy employee benefit that can show your staff they’re appreciated. Offering free snacks and beverages to your employees, an office pantry can keep your team energized. We make running your Garland office pantry hassle-free. You set the budget and menu, and we’ll deliver the rest. From setting up your space to inventory management and restocking, we ensure your employees enjoy a great breakroom. An office pantry can be a great part of your recruiting and retainment strategy.

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