Our Goal

We seek to build an organization and workforce the reflects the vision and values our society.  To reach our goals and accelerate our progress, we are working to expanded on our existing programs to support access, retention, belonging, and fairness at every stage of the employee journey.




Equality in Recruitment

We work to bring the value of equality and opportunity as we seek to attract new talent.  Part of reaching this goal requires programs to develop inclusive training for recruiters and interviewers to create a fair, consistent, and equitable candidate experience.

Development Opportunities

Providing a path for career development for a diverse work force is critical to leadership and retention.  We focus on training, coaching and mentorship to ensure that our entire workforce is growing into successful future leaders.

Building an Inclusive Organization 

Ensuring a work environment that empowers our employees is crucial.  Focusing on inclusivity and equality in hiring, leadership, mentoring, and development is a foundation.  We also provide manager training that includes bias awareness and a new process to help ensure our promotions process is fair, consistent, and accessible to all.