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Vending machines and office coffee solutions in East Nashville

Transform your breakroom with our East Nashville vending services. With our vending services, you can offer your East Nashville employees a wide range of refreshments. Our snack, beverage, and fresh food vending machines include healthy options, snacks, wraps, and even salads. Thanks to today’s technology, we can track your inventory and purchase history remotely. This allows us to restock your products automatically and also modify your product line to match your office’s preferences. Our vending machines accept modern payments, including credit cards and tap-enabled mobile wallets. All of our East Nashville vending machines also include technology that ensures that every purchase is fulfilled or reimbursed.

Vending services and water filtration solutions in East Nashville

Excellence in East Nashville Office Coffee Services and Water Filtration Systems

Office coffee services and vending machine solutions in East Nashville

Indulge your staff with complimentary hot drinks with our East Nashville office coffee service. We offer everything you need to create a beautiful coffee bar in your East Nashville breakroom. From modern coffee equipment to quality coffee and tea and extras like creamer, sugar, and stir sticks, we take care of it all. With our single-cup coffee service, employees can each make their favorite cup of coffee or even hot chocolate. We also offer traditional office coffee brewers that are great for serving coffee at meetings. Upgrade your breakroom even more by adding our East Nashville water filtration service. Your staff will love being able to enjoy fresh, filtered water.

East Nashville Micro-Markets that Deliver Variety
and Convenience

Micro-markets and office coffee solutions in East Nashville

When it’s time for a coffee break or lunch, your staff will love being able to step into your East Nashville micro-market to shop. Without leaving the building, your employees will be able to find fresh food, snacks, tasty beverages, and even meals. A micro-market is like a small store located in your East Nashville breakroom. Automatically stocked with your favorite grab-and-go meals and refreshments, it’s easy to find what you need. After shopping, customers use the self-serve kiosk or our mobile app to check out. We’ll design your micro-market according to your needs and space. What’s certain is that your East Nashville staff will love the convenience and variety your micro-market offers.

Micro-markets and office coffee solutions in East Nashville

East Nashville Office Pantry Services that Boost Morale

Office pantry and healthy vending machines in East Nashville

Adding an office pantry to your East Nashville breakroom is a great way to boost morale among your employees. With free refreshments, employees feel appreciated and motivated throughout the workday. Our East Nashville office pantry service provides everything you need, including coolers, bulk food dispensers, and more! We’ll tailor our services to your needs. If your East Nashville office is focusing on corporate wellness, we can emphasize healthy choices in the pantry. Get in touch to start designing your office pantry today!

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