Play With Your Food!

This may sound crazy but we encourage our chefs to play with their food.  We release the creativity of our chefs and encourage them to try new and innovative dishes.  The result is culinary program




We bring the passion and excitement of modern gastronomy to a culinary philosophy which is rooted in traditional and authentic small-batch/artisan-style menu design, recipes, and kitchen production techniques.  This means we serve on-trend food with a focus on fresh ingredients, scratch cooking and seasonal menu design. The primary benefit of this philosophy is a dramatic enhancement in the overall culinary experience.

Á La Minute Cooking

For us Á La Minute cooking means that we prepare our creative culinary concoctions on-demand.  We don’t heat up frozen food and we don’t hold large batches of food for hours. Cooking on demand in small batches improves the freshness and taste while also cutting down significantly on waste at the end of a meal

Scratch Cooking

Cooking more items from scratch dramatically improves the taste of our cuisine and cuts down on the use of harmful chemical preservatives and the waste associated with non-sustainable packaging in pre-packaged, mass-produced food items.  Here are just a few of the enhancements the Fresh Difference will bring:

Fresh, hand-pressed burgers
Hand-cut fries
Hand-dipped chicken tenders
Hand-stretched dough
Scratch-made sauces, condiments, and dressings
House-made pickles and chi

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