Sustainability Initiatives

We’re passionate about sustainability and scratch cooking. Our goal is to phase in more cage-free eggs, grass-fed beef and free-range chickens in all of our cafes. If your educational facility is committed to sustainability initiatives, we’re happy to work with you to develop custom menus and solutions.


Our Dining Programs

We specialize in bringing custom dining solutions to educational institutions across America. The creativity and innovation of our team allows us to offer customize program menus. From healthy power bowls to our award-winning BBQ.

Health & Wellness

Our health and wellness program offers access to nutritional information using cutting-edged technology.  We’re currently working with suppliers to source more natural, locally produced foods that have fewer preservatives, GMOs, antibiotics, hormones, trans fats, artificial sweeteners, flavorings and colors. Today, we source more than 50% of our products to meet these specifications, and we hope to increase to 80% in the next seven years.

Health & Wellness

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