We Value Safety

We maintain most strict standards for safety and sanitation in the industry. Our sanitation program is certified by the National Restaurant Association and overseen by our own, in-house Director of Safety and Senior Auditors.

In order to ensure that the highest standards are being maintained, we conduct quarterly surprise safety and sanitation inspections on all our dining locations. The results of these inspections are shared with the On-Site General Manager, District Manager, Regional Vice President, Executive Vice President, and company ownership group.




During the current crisis you need a provider that will lead the way with innovative service solutions.  As you make decisions about adjusting your dining and refreshment services for current conditions, we will be there to identify the state-of-the-art best practices for delivering our services in a COVID-19 world, and to work with you to custom-implement the necessary changes for your unique workplace.

Covid-19 Response Plan

Spotlight on Safety

Our program promotes safety in every aspect of our lives, both on the job and at home. Safety for life is the reward to ourselves, and to those who depend on us when we follow correct protocol at work and play. When an associate is away from work due to injury or illness, we cannot operate at the level of excellence we are trying to obtain. We encourage practices that serve as an Injury Prevention Program, which identifies what needs to be done, provides employees with informational tools to prevent injuries and allows us to respond promptly if an associate is injured.

We encourage employees to follow these procedures and by doing so, they can take pride in knowing that their efforts contribute to the overall success of company health and safety goals.

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Peace of Mind at a Glance

Our on-site managers are responsible for maintaining the most rigorous cleaning, sanitation, and food safety routines in the industry. Information and completed logs related to safety and sanitation are posted within our cafés and are available on a moments notice to our clients and guests, including:

  • Hourly, twice daily, weekly and monthly cleaning checklists
  • Food safety and temperature guides and logs
  • Safety and sanitation opening checklists
  • 24-point safety audit and guidelines for all operations

ServSafe Certified

Every American Dining Creations on-site manager is required to be ServSafe certified and has to be recertified every 3 years. Developed by the National Restaurant Association, ServSafe is the dining service’s “gold standard” for safety and sanitation training and is recognized by the health departments in all 50 states.

HACCP Program


We believe that a comprehensive program to reduce product risk, foodborne illness and food-related injury is necessary. Therefore, we have created a program that includes company standards, associate and manager education, training, self-inspection, internal audits, and vendor certification. Each one of these elements is critical to the strength and success of the entire program. But the starting point for the success of each element is a uniform performance standard.

Our strict adherence to a Quality Assurance Standards and Solution training program establishes performance standards for food protection, upheld by stringent guidelines including:

  • SOP’s (standard operating procedures)
  • SSOP’s (sanitation standard operating procedures)
  • HACCP (hazardous analysis critical control points)

Our quality assurance guidelines are based on regulations proposed by both the Food & Drug Administration and the Department of U.S. Public Health Services. Best practices, as presented in the 2019 Food Code, have also been incorporated into our standards.

We are focused on the food handling process, the fundamentals of which are set forth in the HACCP framework. This program embraces strict procedures followed at critical control points. Monitoring of adherence to these Standard Operating Procedures is required, as is record keeping to document our efforts to keep food safe.

Our Managers must periodically verify that the HACCP system continues to effectively meet needs and address the challenges of the operation. We believe that these steps, along with certifications of incoming goods (vendor certifications), will serve to safeguard public health and ensure the food we serve is in the best possible condition for our valued customers.


Cleaning & Facility Maintenance

Our on-site staff will follow a rigorous cleaning and sanitation routine for our dining and refreshment locations. We pride ourselves on maintaining exemplary kitchens, pantries, and storage spaces.

All cleaning and sanitation routines will be properly logged and audited on an ongoing basis to ensure full and complete compliance.

Complete Details on Safety & Sanitation

We will be happy to provide a complete set of equipment maintenance, quality assurance, and safety and sanitation documentation to you at your request.

Quality Assurance

Our quality and continuous improvement initiatives are not simply programs on paper, they are a way of life. We believe in a proactive approach based on measurement, evaluation and enforcement mechanisms focused on quality, consistency, and achieving results. The overall infrastructure supporting these standards is systemic, running through all aspects of our organization. You can see one of our quality assurance checklist to the left.

Our goal with these forms and others is to deliver a consistently superior guest service experience while continuously exploring innovative solutions to improve it. This commitment extends to each guest at every meal, in all service venues, every single day with no exceptions. At the core of our quality and continuous improvement programs are tools that assist our on-site managers with executing and delivering upon this commitment, including:

  • Online standardized recipes
  • Production sheets
  • Inventory management systems
  • Sanitation policies and procedures
  • Station and culinary concept implementation guides
  • Operational policies and procedures
  • Catering production manuals

Measurements and Standards

These tools have a strict set of measurement standards. For instance, the set up for an individual culinary station, or how often we are required to take temperature logs are all dictated through a series of quality control manuals and guidelines. These standards are then measured, evaluated and enforced via simple and efficient audits.

Our measurement process helps to build an integrated service model that focuses on continuous improvement. Checklists, both operational and financial, are a primary component of our audit process for continuous quality improvement, the results of which are evaluated throughout our organization and clearly display whether or not our teams are meeting required standards.

On-site Audits & Reviews

Each of our accounts are reviewed on a regular basis according to a multi-level assessment process involving the Front Line Manager, Director of Safety, District Managers, Regional Vice Presidents, and the Senior Corporate Dining Leadership Team. The results of these assessments are shared with our senior management team and ownership group.

Inventory Management


The manager of every restaurant performs an accurate physical inventory of all products on or about the premises, including, but not limited to food, beverage, paper, and supplies at the close of business every Tuesday. During the physical inventory, all products are counted or weighed and the physical inventory audit is reconciled against the digital inventory database (based upon ordering, kitchen production records, and sales).
Reconciliation of physical inventory, database records, stock on hand, and café orders are then used as key performance indicators reviewed during our weekly financial calls described in our quality management and quality assurance programs.

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