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From universities and corporate campuses to catering and cultural institutions, American Dining Creations is committed to providing the highest quality culinary and hospitality experience. Our commitment to quality, service customization and innovation equips us to tailor our solutions to your needs.


Our education dining programs are committed to providing nutritious, fresh and tasty culinary options to schools across the nation. We’ll take care of your campus community with customizable menus and healthy options.


We take corporate dining to the next level with high-quality dining options, tailored menus, innovative technology and superior service.  Our Fresh Difference hospitality philosophy will help you attract and retain the best employees.


No matter the occasion, American Dining Creations will bring exceptional service and the finest dining to your event. With customizable options and a distinctive eye for detail, our catering programs deliver excellence and do not disappoint.

Why Choose American Dining Creations?

Our Fresh Difference hospitality program bridges the gap between nutritious food and a holistic, welcoming environment. With innovative cooking styles and cuisines offer menus that are never static. We’re never satisfied with “good enough” and always strive to provide the best experience for your catered event, school or business place.

Dining of the Highest Quality

As a premier hospitality provider, American Dining Creations takes its commitment to excellence seriously. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to food. After all, fine cuisine is one of the greatest joys of life. Food should delight and inspire as well as nourish and fulfill.

Among our wide selection of culinary concepts, you’ll find the freshest and most nutritious ingredients that will add delectable flavor to your day.

The Ultimate Solutions

Marketing: Our marketing approach is engaging and dynamic, designed to draw attention and generate a buzz. This engagement strategy isn’t just a flash in the pan — a constantly-evolving and creative approach allows for sustainable changes over time. Our versatile marketing events include holiday specials, local harvest events, superfood promotions and much more.

Facilities Design: American Dining Creations offers experienced help to design your dining facilities to maximize space, efficiency and safety.

Technology: We are a hospitality company that always strives to stay on the cutting edge of technology. We use the latest, most innovative tech tools to increase efficiency, communicate effectively and offer the ultimate convenience and results to our guests. From mobile ordering and Loyalty & Rewards Apps to nutritional information and online promotions, we deliver unrivaled access to digital information. You’ll find our system is perfect for busy users on the go.

Commitment to Safety

Safety and sanitation remain at the forefront of our priorities. We are certified by the National Restaurant Association, with on-site managers who maintain observance of the strictest food safety standards in the industry. We regularly conduct safety and sanitation inspections for our dining operations. Our focus on safety and quality assurance gives clients the peace of mind that they will receive expertly checked and premium quality dining, time and again.

Safety Initiatives

We Are Here to Help You

Our priority is to exceed our clients’ expectations, every day. Contact us today for a proposal of how American Food & Vending can serve you as a food service, dining and hospitality partner.

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