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Dining Services Offered by American Dining Creations


Our foodservice and hospitality management services are incorporated into K-12 schools and college campuses across the country. We emphasize healthy dining and a nutrition standard that exceeds local, state and national standards. Our focus on nutrition, safety and sanitation empowers students and faculty to continue performing to the best of their abilities on campus.

Education Dining

Business & Industry
From business catering to corporate refreshment services, we can revitalize your business place through quality dining. Many companies choose to incorporate our services into their everyday workplace, through dining, coffee, vending and bottleless water services. Others opt for catering services for premier business events. Regardless of the occasion, we take every opportunity to exceed your expectations with fully custom options and highly professional service.
Corporate Dining.

Business Dining


Our delicious and varied concessions stand options give sports fans something extra to get excited about. We partner with stadiums nationwide to design dining facilities and offer healthy, flavorful food and refreshments. In addition to quality cuisine, our custom stadium approach includes fast payment methods and food safety standards created to handle a crowd seamlessly.

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At American Dining Creations, we have mastered the art of delivering exceptional cuisine with professional presentation to client meetings and events. Whether it be a simple department luncheon, gala holiday party, wedding, or premier social event, our team brings an unrivaled passion for food and exceptional guest service to our distinctive catering and event planning programs.